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If you’re smart, talented, innovative, and have the passion to make a difference, then consider a career at CARD – Center of Computer Aided Research and Development at Carinthia University of Applied Science. We offers you the chance to be part of an exceptionally dynamic and exciting groups at the heart of the Europe. In cooperation with our Industrial and academic Partners, we offer a wide range of employment possibilities, professional Training, Exchange Programs and volunteer positions.

We’re continuously searching for qualified individuals, researchers and Students to join our dynamic group, and have a wide variety of positions available at all times. Here you can begin your search for a suitable project!


How to Apply for a Position

Simply send an Email with your CV and the project you are interested in. Make sure to include your technical skills and previous project experiences, especially those relevant to the project you are applying for. Once you’ve applied for a position, we will process your application, and hopefully you will be invited to a personal or online interview.

Salary Offers

CARD and CUAS are committed to remain competitive in terms of Career Development, Support, Professional Training Programs, and Salary. Typically the projects starts with a testing and training phase of about 3 Months, followed by a Paid Internship/Project. Typically the students can roughly expect up to 2500 EUR salary or equivalent Grants throughout a Master Thesis Project.

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Open Positions / Projects

The following expertise are very frequently required in our projects.

  • 3D Modeling and Animation Expert (Blender Expert)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Expert (ANSYS/Fluent Expert)
  • Simulation Expert / Finite element Analysis (ANSYS and Co.)
  • System Designer / Programmer (Arduino / Raspberry Pi Expert)
  • 3D Mesh Optimization Expert (Meshlab, MeshMixer Expert)
  • Web Developer (PHP, WordPress Expert)
  • Material Testing Expert (Tensile / Compression Testing)
  • Author (Publication / Proposal Writing Assistant)
  • Marker Analyzer / Research Marketing Expert
  • 3D Printing Expert
  • Material Scientist (Composite Materials, Innovative Materials)
  • 3D Scanning and Motion Capture Expert



Open Projects / Theses


Design, Development, Testing of a Big Data Acquisition and Analysis System (A Distributed Sensor Network)



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Responsibilities of Research Assistants


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