Big Data

Big Data is an evolving technology that describes handling, analysis and visualization of large amount of data that has the potential to be mined for information. It is often used when speaking about petabytes (1 PB  = 1000 TB) and exabytes (1 EB = 1000 PB) of data.

Computer file size comparison
Computer file size comparison





Challenges of Big Data Era

Here are the major challenges for researchers and industries working in the field of Big Data

  • Handling Large data Volume (Tens of Petabytes), Storing, Transferring, etc.
  • Large variety of objects and structure types (Billions)
  • Multidimensional data (Several Thousands)
  • Temporal Data (Time-Series Data)
  • Unknown Distribution and Statistics
  • Reliability Issues (Unknown Error, Fluctuation, etc.)
  • Missing Data Segments (Censored, Truncated, Missing, etc.)


Applications of Big Data

  • Business intelligence, Advance Marketing, engagement and analysis of Customers’ behavior
  • Monitoring and controlling of supply chain, and intelligent pricing strategy
  • Improving Health care and public health
  • Intelligent Analysis of Astronomical data collected through
  • Improving Security and Law Enforcement
  • Advance Analysis of Geological Data and earth Observation


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Big Data Analytic Options: Our Expertise at CARD

Most of big data analytic challenges are generic, which means they are common problems and solutions which are independent from the field. In the same way, the solution and knowledge in one Big Data Application can be transferred to another field.

We help our partner find the suitable Software, Hardware and analytic solutions.


Open Projects

  • Challenges of Handling Big Data through GPU processing
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Big Data Verification, Validation and Co-Simulation


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