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Carinthia University of Applied Science (CAUS) and Center of Computer Aided Research and Development (CARD) offers many exciting opportunities for those seeking employment, internships or volunteer positions. Learn about all of these opportunities and working for CUAS and CARD in the following sections.

What’s a job at CARD like?

It is an opportunity for students and researchers to work at CUAS/CARD, one of the top applied science, innovative, and multicultural institutions in the region. CARD offers programs that provide one-of-a-kind Training, Experience and Access to knowledge and resources, including Libraries, Labs, Software, etc. The research topics are carefully selected based on the market needs so that the students get state of the art technologies required in industry. We look for students, researchers and support team with a wide range of skills and professions who will share and help shape our mission. Whatever your aspirations, the CARD is a great place to build a career. Here are some item that we generally offer:

  • Training, workshops and development opportunities
  • A chance to work in a multidisciplinary research team
  • The chance to network with experts in your field
  • Possibility of working as volunteer trainee and paid employment
  • A family-friendly workplace
  • Flexible work schedules including teleworking
  • Chance of introducing your new ideas or getting involved in ongoing project
  • Chance of contributing in a research publication, patent, conference, or journal paper
  • Getting access to required Software, Hardware, Lab resources, etc.

Open Positions

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