Multi-function Materials

Multi-function Materials and structures also known as Smart Materials, Composite Materils and Hybrid Materials is termed for material combination which provides particular and multiple functions. The multi-functions can vary from mechanical to electrical and thermal functions. The most widely used composites have polymer matrix materials, which are typically poor conductors. For example, the improved conductivity in Polymers could be achieved with reinforcing the composite with carbon nanotubes or Graphene for instance.


Our Research

We are currently capable of producing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) Materials and Structure with well defined Carbon Concentration. However it is a challenge to control the orientation of the fibers and homogeneity of the additive.

Nevertheless these Polymer Based materials have already shown to be much stiffer than Aluminum, or better to compare, 20 times stiffer than traditional ABS or Nylon materials commonly used in 3D Printing. Our CFRP and Graphene Reinforces Plastics can then be used in a 3D Printer, so any shape can be produced quickly and individually.