Information for PhD Applicants

And other applicants holding a Master Degree

PhD Applicants


PhD is a degree, Neither a Job nor a Career Path

According to Bologna Process, The universities in Austria have changed their system to Bachelor and Master Degree and currently focused on these two degree programs only. Very Important fact for PhD Applicants is that “Generally the Universities of Applied Science in Austria and Germany do not offer stand-alone doctoral programs (PhD).”


Alternative and Similar Career Paths for Graduate Students and PhD Applicants

Most of PhD Applicants do not really have a vision what they can achieve after finishing the PhD, some do not know how whether it is worthy or not, and many do not know the PhD alternatives.

Seeking a PhD Degree?

If you are seeking a PhD Degree and working at a University of Applied Science, we recommend you to start a Joint PhD Program in Collaboration with other Universities from your home country or from a European partner university. If you are already a PhD student, you may try to keep yourself registered. PhD Applicants who already involved in one of our projects or have your own funding to join our projects, we are able to help you with this step, and introduce you to our University Partners in the region. We have good partnership with large universities in the region.

Seeking a Research Career Path

Many PhD Applicants are not aware of alternative Career paths. If you are seeking a research position at Universities of Applies Science, we recommend a Research Assistant track. If you not have research expertise in relevant field, you may begin with a research training position, Exchange Program or volunteer research position in our University.

Seeking a Residence Permit and a Job

If you just want to be in a university of Applied science to seek what so ever job, you may start another Master program and stay a regular student. You may also become a part time student at University of Applied Science and carry on an industrial Career path, or start your own company. We had few successful cases that international student joined us as a Master Student and found a part time job right from the first Semester. However most of our Students find their first jobs in the 3rd or 4th Semester. Also be aware that if you are working parallel to your study and not fully focused on your Master Degree, then you might finish your study in the 5th semester.

Financial Support

Most of the Job opportunities mentioned above are fixed. In all cases, you should be able to prove your financial security for the duration of your stay. For a typical decent Student life, you may need about 800 EUR per Month (Accommodation, Food, and Local transport). If you are staying in student community near the campus, you may also survive with 400 EUR/month.


Interested to apply?

For PhD Applicants and other research Applicants

  • Cover Letter describing your Motivation, Career Path and topics you are interested in
  • Detailed CV, including detailed list of Software, Hardware, Project Expertise and Publications
  • Detailed Plan for financial securing and general goals you are seeking
  • Clear Statement whether you are willing to accept a Volunteer position or join a distance project