Open Projects

Welcome to Open Projects. Here you can find the list of open projects, including ongoing, previous and future projects that you can join. You can choose these projects as a part of your course project with Prof. Zarbakhsh and if you succeed, you can possibly extend it toward a publication, thesis, etc.


If you wish to choose a project as a part of a Course Project with Prof. Zarbakhs, you may be careful to choose the project suitable to the scope of your course.

If you are an International applicants, you are also welcome to join these Projects either based on Distance Project Communication, or you are very welcome to visit us. There are funding possibilities such as Erasmus and COST STSM, which are available for most of European applicants (Students, Researchers, Professors, etc.)

The Members of CCARD, Current Students of Carinthia University of Applied Science, and all who have an Active Project/Course with Prof. Zarbakhsh are welcome to join multiple projects.


How to Apply

Interested in Projects?

There is a simple button to apply online. However you should apply directly via Email, you can send us your Recent CV, including list of your relevant experiences, directly to Prof. Zarbakhsh (Email: and you can also Request an Appointment for further discussions.

The CCARD Members and those who have a Course with Prof. Zarbakhsh, can directly call Prof. Zarbakhsh and Apply.

Please directly discuss the Project Reporting with Prof. Zarbakhsh. Usually it is enough to join CCARD Meetings and report your progress on a Weekly Basis. We are looking forward to see you in our CCARD.

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