Responsibilities of Research Assistants


If you are affiliated with CARD – Center of Computer Aided Research and Development or any other research group as a

  • Research assistant,
  • Volunteer Researcher,
  • Research fellow,
  • PhD Students,
  • Post Doctoral,
  • STSM Fellow,
  • or if you plan to take similar positions,

then you are supposed to be involved in almost all of the following tasks (Actions) and be aware of the responsibilities of Research assistants.

Responsibilities of Research Assistants


  • As a primary responsibility, you should be actively driving one major research project. It is recommended that you also contribute in other projects run by other colleagues and collaborators. Usually a Research include several of these Actions:
    • Design, Fabrication and Testing of an experimental Device/Setup,
    • Performing Experimental Measurements,
    • Design and Prototyping of a Training/Demonstrator (including a Course Material)
    • Analysis and Optimization of Systems,
    • Developing and Performing Computer Simulation and Virtual Experiments,
    • Developing of a new Software Tool, App, Website
    • Literature Analysis,
    • Theoretical Investigation and Modeling
    • Market Analysis
    • Design and Analysis of Business Model / Business Plan
  • The report of your progress should be frequently presented in group Meetings and discussion/communication with supervisor(s).  It is also expected that you perform High Quality Research. This includes preparation of High-Quality Reports and publication ready Materials. The results will be eventually published as
    • Patent
    • Funding Proposals
    • Journal Paper
    • Conference Paper/ Poster
    • Talk
    • Tutorials and Guidelines
    • Blog Posts on CARD Group Website


  • You should actively learn the state of the art knowledge and follow the news related to your major field. The result of your learning can be combined into learning Materials and tutorials which you should document and share with the team members. You should play an active role in seeking research advice, both from the supervisor, team members and from other experts as appropriate. If you want to contact a person outside of the research team, then make sure that you do not transfer any confidential information (novel ideas, latest results, etc.).
  • You should actively participate in the knowledge transfer, Marketing activities and career development planning through presenting your knowledge to the team members and the community.This can be done by
    • Preparing marketing Photos of your research activities / Interesting research results
    • Preparing of Blog Post to be published on Group Website. Prepare the blog post in a way that the group will still profit from it, even if the content is copied by another website.
    • Preparing presentation slides for including in the lectures, talks etc.
  • Work in a cooperative manner with the faculty members, partners and other co-workers.
  • Self-criticism of your research methods and actions. You may regularly ask questions such as What is the goal of my study (Excellence)? Why we are doing the actions (Impact and Benefit for Group) ? How we plan to do it (Implementation and Methodology). Document your answers, and update the answers.

Scholarship400and the most important Action of every Research Assistant is to contribute in “Research and Innovation Cycle”. This includes

  • Monitoring the Funding Opportunities
  • Preparation of Funding Proposals
  • Producing useful Products and Services to be presented to industrial partners
  • Developing new models and methods of generating income for the group
  • Marketing of the group products and services


If you are totally aware of the responsibilities of Research Assistants and actively participate in several actions, then for sure you can expect promotion! Good Luck!

Javad Zarbakhsh
Prof. Javad Zarbakhsh

If you can prove that you are very good in doing the above mentioned tasks and Action, then you deserved a better position. Contact Prof. Zarbakhsh and get latest information about latest Job opportunities, STSM Positions, industrial collaboration etc.