Open STSM Topics and Projects at CARD / CUAS


We are currently seeking an STSM Applicant to join us on performing the following projects.

Enhancing the impact of the COST Action through direct outreaching SMEs and End User incorporation.

In the framework of European Project: COST Action TD1403 Big Data Era in Sky and Earth Observation (BIG-SKY-EARTH)

Required qualification and technical background:

  • PhD Student or Postdoc in IT, Computer Engineering, Physics, Geoinformation or relevant fields
  • Basic knowledge on computer programming and data analysis
  • Ability of Fluent communication in English (Speaking and Writing)
  • Basic Knowledge on Business Models and management


Tasks of the applicant in this Project

  • Using the infrastructure and networks at Carinthia University of Applies Science to bridge the gap between Academia and industry
  • Determining added values proposition of the cost Action and working group topics for industries
    Preparing a database of SMEs and end user industries relevant to the COST Action
  • Categorization and Determining new and business models,  market opportunities and market niche for future products and SMEs
  • Case studies through Direct marketing and Active communication with selected SMEs and end product users to promote the cost action matching for further consortium creation


Learn more from COST.EU Website and STSMs.

Who can Apply?

PhD and PostDocs, currently residing in an EU Member country, (but not in Austria) who have both technical expertise and motivation in networking, technical marketing and communication with industries.


Payment, Salary and Duration

STSM period is support through COST Actions. The average payment is about 60 to 90, but can also reach 160 EUR / day including daily allowance for the duration of the stay.

The maximum travel cost per STSM is 500 EUR, other cost including the allowance maybe between 1000 to 3000 EUR, depending on the qualifications, and plan for the stay.

This Project is planned to be done for the duration of about 3 Month, whereas some of that can be done in advance where the candidate is currently residing.

Application Deadline: October 15th, 2015

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Expected Attachments: Detailed CV including list of experiences and a motivation letter.


Interested in the topic, but not officially eligible?

If you very relevant expertise and very interested in the topic, you can still apply and describe your motivation to join the project. We might introduce a voluntary position or a distance position.