Open Project / Thesis

Project Title: Design, Development, Testing of a Big Data Acquisition and Analysis System (A Distributed Sensor Network)



Your Academic Background

Bachelor/Master Student or Graduate in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Systems Design, IT, or related technical fields

Your Skills

  • Good knowledge of one or more computer programming languages, (Basic knowledge of Matlab and C/C++ is necessary)
  • Basic knowledge of Electrical circuits, electronic components
  • Basic knowledge of Arduino or Raspberry Pi program development
  • Capability of Performing Web Search and Literature Search, incl. Preparation of technical Documentation, reports and literature Review
  • Capability of reading/writing of technical documents and repeating tutorials
  • Soft Skills Required: Team Work, Problem Solving, Self-Learning, Self Motivation, Project engagement and commitment

Your Tasks in the Project

  • Literature analysis, Patent Search and Web Research for finding available systems and Solutions
  • Concept design of systems that fulfill the requirements
  • Communication with industrial and international partners for technical discussions and Reporting
  • Prototyping of the system and testing in lab and field
  • Contribution in preparation and writing of publications and further funding proposals

Your Benefits in joining us

  • Professional and technical training at University or in a Partner University/ Industry
  • Personal Coaching for technical guidance and career development
  • Enlarge your professional Network and get new contacts (National and international)


Upon successful completion of the Project/Thesis, you will be granted with a one-time fee of ca. EUR 2000 to 2500 EUR (Gross Remuneration or Equivalent Grant).

An employment option is also available after the “Trial Period”

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