Study, Research and Exchange Programs at CUAS

Student Exchange


Research Opportunities

Exchange students can join one of the running project or they can propose a relevant research topic of their own choice.

An an exchange student, you will get a volunteer contract and will be treated as an official research assistant. You have also access to join technical and language courses / Workshops offered by the university. Also you will access to use selected Lab facilities at all time.


Official Application procedure for Incoming Exchange Students




Fall semester: 30 May

Spring semester: 30 November


Application process

You can directly Contact Prof. Zarbakhsh for technical Question and Apply.

Further steps should be done through international office.

Please use the following link to register: Online Application

If you have any questions or problem please contact international(at)

You have to upload your Learning Agreement and the Application Form during the application process. Have a look at our documents “Guideline Learning Agreement” and “Common Mistakes” so you fill it in correct. Notice: Your application will be only processed with fully completed documents.

Learning Agreement

Application Form

Guideline Learning Agreement

Common Mistakes Learning Agreement