Our expertise in CARD (Center of Computer Aided Research and Development) in the area of optics include the following fields.


Freeform Lens over CARD

Design, Simulation, Engineering and Manufacturing of Freeform Optics

Freeform optics is the next-generation of modern optics, which has both advantages of optical performance and optimum system integration. A lens is free-form if at least one of its surfaces is made with free form technology and the surface is not spherical neither toric.

It has a broad range of applications in complex systems design, illumination, aerospace, energy, optical imaging and various engineering fields. Freeform Optics has an increasing impact on optical systems for both imaging and illumination.

Free form is also a manufacturing technology that allows cutting and polishing arbitrary surfaces.
The manufacturing of freeform optics is very similar to manufacturing of other Computer Aided Manufacturing materials, and the process can be done using subtractive and/or additive manufacturing. New fabrication techniques that create optical surfaces that are not surfaces of revolution open an expansive new space for optical systems.

2 Lens Moving on CARD
Optical Simulation; Comparison of two Lenses , a Spherical and a Freeform lens moving over CARD images.

Challenge and Opportunities

With the successful introduction of freeform surfaces into both imaging and non-imaging (illumination) optical systems, there are lots of innovative work to be done both in academia and industry. There are especially challenges and opportunities in the following fields:

  • Optical design and Optimization
  • Optical system simulation and Visualization Techniques
  • Surface representation
  • Rapid Fabrication
  • Metrology
  • Assembly of Optical system

Call for Collaboration

Industries who are interested in investing and / or commercializing this technology are very welcome to join our projects.

Also academic institutions, researchers and student who are interested in the topic are very welcome to join the team.