Did you know that Swarm robotics is about the coordination of multirobot systems?

Did you know that artificial intelligence of multirobot systems is inspired from biological systems?

Did you know that you can program the behavior of robots in a community?

Did you know that you can model the dynamics of swarm robots in Matlab?


Swarm Robotics Matlab Workshop 2016

If you are interested in knowing more about the swarm robotics and learn how to develop a simulation program to model the behavior of robots, you have the chance to join a unique workshop organized by Prof. Javad Zarbakhsh

Swarm Robotics and its Simulation in Matlab

Ant Swarm 2


  • Basic Knowledge of Matlab Programming
  • Basic Knowledge of Mechanical Principles


Date:  September 8th, 2016

Registration: Free of Charge.

Contact for Registration:  card@ccard.website

Venue: Carinthia University of Applied Science, Villach, Austria



Certification of Attendance will be provided.

Limited Seats will be Available.






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