BBC recently published a quiz that tests whether you would make a good entrepreneur. I took a couple of minutes and went through it. The result for me was very motivating: Congratulations, you could be an internet billionaire. But, are the results of the quiz always realistic?



Of course I would agree with a test that has such as motivating results. However when I simulated the situation of several successful entrepreneurs I knew, the results was not that promising as I expected. There are hundreds of other factors involved in the success of a person or business.

Let’s see what I have observed. First, I was not quite optimistic about such tests, but this one was claimed to be the result of a scientific work supported by Prof. Brian Morgan, professor of entrepreneurship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and focused on the psychological characteristics and managerial competences of actual entrepreneurs.

Next, it is important to read the Disclaimer carefully: This quiz doesn’t predict how well any individual would be able to launch or run a business in the real world. It is based on business theory and is not a substitute for professional guidance.

I found a few questions are very interesting, so I share the questions together with my answers and my comments:

What was the main focus of your teenage years?

Well, I spent most of my time on computer programming. However, we should not forget that the real success depends not only on a single hard skill, but rather on smart combination of hard skills and soft skills.

How much work are you prepared to put into your new business?

Sure I would invest all waking hours, seven days a week. Of course if you believe in yourself, you can also sacrifice a few hours of sleep.

Why would you want to become an entrepreneur?

Sure I’d love to run a successful business and also help improve the world around me. It is not always about us. It is about making the world a better place.

How good are you at looking after your finances?

I am meticulous in following all incoming and outgoing funds. That’s why I developed computer software to manage the time and money.

How good are you at delegating responsibilities?

Very good – I can’t do everything on my own. No one can do that. That’s why we need help. We should always delegate as much as possible, however we are still responsible for the tasks we delegate.


Here are the detailed results I finally got:

Congratulations, you could be an internet billionaire

You may have what it takes to be a successful internet entrepreneur. You appear to have picked up the required knowledge of computers from your teenage years, plus you seem to have the drive and wider skills to succeed.


How do I evaluate the quiz?

I think it doesn’t matter what business or career you are following or what results you get from the quiz. What is really important is how you do it. If you want, you will be successful. Wish all of you Good Luck and success in whatever business you have.

BBC entrepreneurial Quiz: You could be an internet billionaire