Europe offers over 30,000 international study programs. International students in Europe enjoy learning state of the art science and technology, as well as enjoy high living standards and multicultural environment.  University Tuition Fees are not every where the same, also they are not the same for EU and Non-EU students.


Tuition Fees
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Tuition Fees for EU and Non-EU students

EU students have the same rights when they move to another EU country. EU citizens are automatically entitled to study in other EU member states: they should not be paying higher tuition fees and they should be able to receive a residence permit. The same applies for EEA and Swiss students too.

Non-EU students are required to pay for tuition fees; however they apply for scholarships or funding to cover high tuition fees and other costs. In countries such as Austria, Germany and Netherlands, where the tuition fees are relatively low, the concept of scholarship does not exist. In any case, there are many ways that students can finance themselves.

Tuition fees: An overview per country



In Austrian universities there are no tuition fees for students from EU-EEA member countries, Switzerland and least developed countries. All the others pay a study fee in the range of 363 EUR to 727 EUR per semester). In addition, all the students are compelled to pay a semester fee of 17 EUR to be member of the Austrian Student Union. For more information you can visit the website of the OEAD (Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research).


The Tuition Fees of other countries in Europe will be soon listed here. Recently countries such as Sweden have increase the tuition fees for non-EU students.