Welcome, Investors and Sponsors!



We encourage Investors (Private Investor, Angels, Venture Caps) and Sponsors from every aspect to join our projects and bring to the table what you have to offer. You’d be surprised at the return on investment you can have from some simple and inexpensive actions.



As an Investor, you can contribute in the following ways:

  • Invest in Research Projects (R&D Products, Publications)
  • Invest in Innovation (Inventions, Patents, …)
  • Invest in Dissemination (Conference, Workshops, …)
  • Invest in People (Talents, Entrepreneurs, Network, …)
  • Invest in Businesses (Start-ups, Ventures, …)



Also, as a sponsor you can contribute in the following ways:

  • Sponsor an ongoing projects and support talented students.
  • Sponsor an Event, Publication, Conference, Workshop, etc.
  • Donate a Hardware for research and development projects
  • Share a research idea with us.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us or request an appointment.