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Call for Submitting Blog Posts


What can be submitted?

  • Short Article and Essays
  • Technology News
  • Literature Reviews
  • Project Reports
  • Collaboration Offers

Who can submit?

  • CARD Team members
  • CUAS Students
  • Volunteer and Distance Members of CARD
  • Academic and industrial Partners
  • Students of Partner Universities

Will Blog Post be reviewed?

Yes. The articles will be reviewed; however the accuracy of technical claims will not be checked. CARD generally disclaims the originality of the works published on its website.


Format of submission

The files should be preferably written in Microsoft Word. Heading 1, 2, 3 are accepted to be used.

Images sizes should have enough resolution, be larger than 100 pixels, and smaller than 1 MB file size. Multimedia file can be included in the Blog Post:

  • Vector Graphics, such as SVG can be accepted
  • 3D CAD Files should have the format of STL
  • Links to external pages, videos are allowed